Grinder Salad Recipe : Italian Chopped Sub Salad

Grinder Salad Recipe: Italian Chopped Sub Salad

Today we’ll be making a Grinder Salad Recipe made with shredded iceberg lettuce topped with ham, pepperoni, salami, provolone, peppers, onions, and croutons and topped with a tangy red wine vinegar and mayonnaise dressing. The dressing is done.

This salad only takes minutes to make and is a fun and delicious side dish on the dinner table. We’ve already recreated the delicious smoked queso and this easy smoked cream cheese recipe, but It was felt that our recipe was enough to make it.

Italian Grinder Salad Recipe Easy

First, we have to try it! This is a classic Italian dish that embodies all the epic flavors, but with a fresh and vibrant salad that will tantalize your taste buds. But I feel that our recipe is enough to make it.

Grinder Salad Recipe: A Step-By-Step Guide

Shredded iceberg lettuce is where the freshness and crunch come from, giving the salad a light and cool vibe. Brussels sprouts are little green things that add a fun twist and extra crunch. Sliced salami makes it for some good flavor! It gives a tasty protein salad the taste of a classic Grinder sub. If you are not keen on using ground salami, you can use it with turkey or roast beef. It is equally delicious.

Deli ham brings a light and slightly sweet touch. It works very well in combination with other ingredients. Mix well To make the dressing, in a medium bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic, and pepperoncini.

Grinder Salad Recipe & Cooking Directions

Stir well to combine, then stir in the Parmesan cheese. Place the dressing in the refrigerator to chill while you prepare the salad. Add the salad ingredients and in a large mixing bowl, mix all the prepared salad ingredients well. In my opinion, red onions are an essential ingredient in any Italian Grinder salad. So they are essential for this salad too! I just love the strong and slightly spicy taste.

Pro Tip Soak chopped raw red onion in water for 20-25 minutes before adding it to the salad so that the spice is dull and the taste is quite delicious. Toss everything together. Then pour the dressing over all the salad ingredients. Gently toss the salad ingredients with the dressing. Garnish and serve. Garnish with red pepper flakes before serving, if desired, and enjoy!

Complete List Of Grinder Salad Recipes

1 2 cups mayonnaise.
2 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar.
3 2 teaspoons kosher salt.
4 1 teaspoon cracked black pepper.
5 2 tablespoons Italian seasoning.
6 3 teaspoons garlic, minced.
7 4 tablespoons pepperoncini pepper liquid.
8 1 cup Parmesan cheese, grated.
9 3 cups Brussels sprouts, trimmed or finely chopped.
10 13 ounces salami, sliced.
11 9 ounces deli ham, sliced.
12 9 slices provolone cheese, shredded.
13 2 cups red onion, chopped.
14 1 cup chopped black pepper.
15 1 cup tomatoes.
16 Red chili flakes for serving.

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