18 Cake Stand:18 Inch Cake Stand

18 Cake Stand:18 Inch Cake Stand

Today we are going to make 18 Cake Stand:18 Inch so let’s start our recipe today. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Grease the cake pan with butter and sprinkle with flour. Put the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and mix and make it slightly creamy. Now add the eggs and beat them with the help of a batter.

Now add flour and knead it and put it in two big bowls, add vanilla essence in one and mix it and in the other bowl add cocoa powder chocolate chips and mix it. Bake these two molds in the oven for 30-40 minutes. When ready, let it cool, and then decorate with icing sugar. Serve chilled and enjoy.


1 Butter 225 grams.2 Flour 225 grams.3 Castor sugar 225 grams.4 Chocolate Chip 110 grams.5 Eggs 4 pcs.6 Icing sugar 1 cup.7 Cheese 1 cup.8 Baking powder 1 tsp.9 Vanilla essence 1 tbsp.10 baking soda 4/1 tbsp.11 Co-Co powder 4 tbsp.

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