Afghani Dum Pukht & Slow Cooked Recipe

Today we tell you about the Dum Pukht recipe, and how we can prepare it in a slow cooker and then start.
First, add ghee to the pot. Add chopped onions on top of it. Now wash the meat and put it on a separate plate. So that the water goes down. The meat is round buti. It depends on your choice. Spread the meatballs over the onions. Beat the curd well and put it on top.

dum phukt

Now add salt, pepper, garam masala, and chopped tomatoes. If you have to cook in a cooker, cover it and put it on the stove. Keep the flame very low as there is no water in the mixture. It has to be cooked in the tail. It should be noted that if the normal meat is cooked for fifteen minutes in your cooker, then let it cook for half an hour, but remember to keep the heat very low. If you have to cook the curry in a pot, the lid should be completely mixed. After putting the lid, put the wet flour on the edges and close it well so that the steam does not escape. Keep it on low flame and let it cook for two hours. Then stir the lid and run the spoon. Fry them in small pieces chop green coriander and green chilies and sprinkle them. Dum pukht is ready, serve it hot with chapati or naan and enjoy.


1 One kilo of meat
2 Three onions
3 A bowl of curd
4 Ghee/Fat A bowl
5 Chilli one spoon
6 A spoonful of salt
7 Round Red Chilli 8 seeds
8 Sabit gram masala one spoon

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