Homestyle Potato Papads

Homestyle Potato Papads

Children and adults wish to eat fried potato papads with tea every day in Syria. For this, women buy expensive papads from the market every month in the home ration, which are also harmful to health.

If you make potato papads at home using this recipe that we have told you, then it will definitely be beneficial for you, and the children’s tongues will not miss their taste. So hurry, learn now, and keep it ready, when you want, just fry it lightly in oil and use it.


1 Wash two potatoes and peel them well.

2 Then cut them into small pieces and soak them in water.

3 Now wash them thoroughly with water three times

4 After that, throw away all the water and put the chopped potatoes in a blender and blend them so that the potato paste is ready.

5 Then add 3 cups of water to this paste and cook well on high heat, keep stirring the spoon, and keep stirring the spoon continuously for half an hour.

6 When you see that the potatoes have become a very thick paste, add some hot spices, dry coriander powder, and half a spoonful of salt and mix well.

7 Now place a plastic sheet on a table and lightly spray oil on it.

8 Now, with the help of a spoon, put a little thick potato paste in a round shape and let it be exposed to the sun for a day.

9 After a day, you will see that delicious crackling and crispy potato chips will be ready at home.

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