10 Goya Bitter Melon Recipe Japanese

Today we will teach you how to make delicious Bitter Melon Recipe Japanese. You will learn how to make such delicious Bitter Melon that will leave everyone licking their fingers. Even those who don’t like to eat bitter gourd will love to eat it. So let’s start with the recipe to make it. First of all, Peel the bitter gourds and keep the bitter gourds aside. Slice each bitter gourd lengthwise. Use a sharp knife for this purpose. Scoop out the seeds. Salt them inside and outside keep them for 10 to 15 minutes. Heat mustard oil in a non-stick pan.

Add cumin and fennel to it. When cumin and fennel start to crackle add onion paste. Fry until onions turn brown. tomato. Ginger. Turmeric. Anchor. Garam masala. Add salt and coriander. Mix well. Fry it until the mixture leaves the oil. Keep it aside. Wash and squeeze the water from the krill. Pat them dry. Fill the prepared mixture into the creels. After filling the mixture, tie the krill with a thread. Heat oil in a pan. Heat it on medium flame. Deep fry the stuffed bitter gourds in this oil till they turn golden brown from all sides. Serve hot and enjoy with the tasty spices. Have fun.

Bitter Melon Recipe Ingredients:

1 Bitter Melon medium size. 5 numbers.2 Salt to taste.3 Mustard oil. Two teaspoons.4 Cumin – one teaspoon.5 Fennel – one teaspoon.6 Raw Onion Paste Two teaspoons.7 Tomato Kaduksh. Two cups.8 Ginger pickle. Three teaspoons.9 Turmeric – one teaspoon.10 Anchor. Two teaspoons.11 Garam masala. One teaspoon.12 Coriander chopped..one cup.13 The oil For deep frying.

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