Canary Island Date Palm Cost

Canary Island Date Palm Cost

Canary Island Date Palm Cost is eaten by children and adults with great enthusiasm. Today we will tell you the story of a companion who sacrificed so much for dates. A Sahabi came or the Messenger of Allah is my neighbor, his date palm is crooked and a few branches come into the yard of my house. We are poor, so he comes running and takes the date out of my children’s mouths. O Messenger of Allah, tell him not to abuse my little children so much. You called him a hypocrite. You said, do you make a deal? He asked which deal.  A companion was sitting, Abu Dahdah, he said: O Messenger of Allah, if I take that palm tree, will you give me a palm tree in Paradise? He said yes, then take me and I will take you to a palm tree in paradise. Those Companions got up and went after this hypocrite and called,

I did not give it to the Prophet of Allah, how can I give it to you? He said, “Good brother, tell me how much money you will take. Will you walk away from the deal? Said I’m crazy I’m going back I’m getting 600 palm trees. He said I agree that the palm tree is mine and the whole garden is yours. Abu Dahdah went and stood outside the garden and did not even enter inside and put the money that was in his pocket into the ground. “Come out, this garden is not ours anymore, I have traded this garden with the Prophet of Allah.

Canary Island Date Palm

“You are very beautiful.” Did the deal? Hazrat Abu Dhahdah went to the Prophet of Allah, O Messenger of Allah, I have made a deal. He said, Abu Dahdah, how did you deal? He said, O Messenger of Allah, he gave away the whole garden and took that palm tree.

The Prophet of Allah said: Then my deal also changed and he said: My partner, I am seeing in front of my eyes that Allah of palaces prepared for you. And when Hazrat Abu Dahadah died: I see with my own eyes one hundred thousand palm trees of Paradise bent over the funeral of Abu Dahadah. Glory be to Allah.

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