Assorted Desserts Rasmalai

Assorted Desserts Rasmalai

Today we will tell you how to make Assorted Desserts Rasmalai and how we can prepare bakery-like ras malai at home so let’s start. Boil one kg of milk, And add the juice of one lemon. And don’t shake it. When the milk is well churned, tie it in a muslin cloth and hang it, Or squeeze the clothes and let them hang for an hour.


When the water dries up, add baking powder and flour to the cheese and mash it well. So that one will die. Boil one kg of milk until it thickens, Add sugar and cardamom to it, now make a paste of the juice, and add it to the milk. And let it cook for five minutes. The juice is ready. Add almonds and pistachios. Serve chilled and enjoy.


1 Milk 2 kg.2 Lemon 1 pc.3 Flour 1 tablespoon.4 Sugar 5 tablespoons.5 A small pinch of cardamom.6 Almonds Pistachios 2 tbsp.7 Baking powder 1/4 tsp.

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