Bondi Raita Healthy & Tasty

Bondi Raita Healthy & Tasty

Let us tell you about a simple recipe that we can prepare in GitHub. Let’s get started. Mix red chilies, turmeric, and salt in a basin and make a thick mixture by adding a little water. Heat oil in a pan and fry small drops of this mixture. Mix curd, water, and salt in a bowl, and add boondi to it. Sprinkle the delicious raita with green chilies, green onions, and chaat masala serve it with the food, and enjoy the crunchy raita.



1 Besan sifted___ 1 cup

2 Ground red chili___ half a teaspoon

3 Grounded turmeric___ half teaspoon

4  Yogurt beat ___ one and a half cups

4 Water___ half a cup

5 Salt ___ to taste

6  Oil___ for frying

7  Green chilies, green onions, chaat masala ___ for garnishing

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