Sweet Delight Gola Ganda Near Me

Today we will make Gola Ganda Near Me. There is something else to enjoy in the hot summer season. It is enjoyed by children and adults. So let’s start by reading Bismillah and how to make it. First, Make a thick syrup of sugar and water and divide it into four parts.


Add red color to one part, green color to one part, orange color to one part, and yellow color to one part and prepare syrup. Pour the ice cubes into the bowl. Add syrup and condensed milk as well. Serve garnished with pineapple and enjoy ice-cold ice cream balls.


1 Condensed milk in two tins.2 A tin of pineapple.3 Ice sawdust five-inch cup.4 Yellow syrup as desired.5 Red syrup as needed.6 Green syrup as desired.7 Onj syrup as desired.8 To make syrup.9 Three cups of water.10 Four cups of sugar.

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