0 Degree Thai Vanilla Ice Cream

0 Degree Thai Vanilla Ice Cream

Our recipe for today is Vanilla Ice Cream. There is nothing more fun than eating cold ice cream in the summer season, so today we will teach you how to make ice cream, and how you can prepare it at home. Put the milk and cream in a non-stick pan and cook on medium heat and mix with a wooden spoon. In a bowl, add the egg yolks, vanilla essence, and sugar and beat well, then add the cream and half a cup of the milk mixture to the yolks.

ice creme

Put it in and mix it well with the batter. After that, add the yolk mixture to the mixture while it is heating in the saucepan and cook it for eight minutes on low heat. Remove the pan from the stove. Sift the mixture into a mold and cover it and put it in the freezer. After that, take it out and beat it with a batter, and put it in the freezer again for six to eight hours. The delicious ice cream is ready. Serve it cold and Eat with pleasure.


1 Two cups of double cream
2 Two cups of milk
3 Separate the egg yolks
4 Three-quarters of a cup of sugar
5 Vanilla essence as needed

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