Summer Special Ladoo Recipe

Keep the body cool, increase energy levels, and eliminate fatigue, weakness, body aches, and lethargy. When the summer season comes, everyone’s energy level goes down, heat intensity, sweating, loaves, and load shedding, due to which everyone looks tired and bored.


The reason for this is that due to sweating in the heat, salts are released from our body, due to which electrolytes also decrease from our body, due to which, weakness, the feeling of fatigue in the body, lethargy, and pain in the body increases, then it is important to hydrate yourself first, so that there is no lack of water, then use things in the diet that are light and heavy in the food. don’t feel also be easy to digest, and quick to prepare, without affecting the budget. So for this, we have come up with a recipe of laddoos that are not too hot in effect to restore your energy. But to be nutritious and keep the body cool, we need.

Summer Special Ladoo Recipe Composition:

Add ghee and fry the dough, when it starts to smell and the rawness goes away, remove it from the stove. Keep it to cool down, add fennel, sugar or misri, cardamom powder, and poppy seeds and grind them in a grinder, now coat all these things and fruits or grind them if you want, and mix them with flour. Shukriya can also be mixed with Egyptian syrup, it will make the laddoos easier. Now mix all these things and add a little ghee or oil in it to make laddoos. Now press these ingredients by hand to make laddoos and enjoy this cheap and easy recipe.


1 Flour (wheat) 1 cup

2 Desi ghee 4 tbsp

3 Coconut 2 tbsp

4 Pistachios as needed

5 Four cores as needed

6 Poppy seeds 1 teaspoon

7 Fennel 1 tablespoon

8 Sugar or Misri ½ cup

10 Cardamom powder 1 tsp

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