Bread Malai Kulfi Easy And Delicious

Bread Malai Kulfi Easy And Delicious

It is summer season and Bread Malai Kulfi Easy And Delicious or kulfi is not fun if you do not make and eat it. First, cut the four bad corners of the double bread, put almonds in a grinder, add the chopped double bread in it, open the cardamom and put the cardamom seeds in it, now add half a cup of milk and grind it, then grind it.


When all these ingredients are ground to a thick consistency, finally add milk to it, add two and a half cups of milk, add sugar, and grind all the ingredients. Take it out and keep it in the deep freezer for at least 8 to 10 hours. The delicious bread kulfi is ready.


1 Almond 25 to 30 nos

2 bread… 10 numbers

3 Cardamom 3 numbers

4 The milk 3 cups

5 Chinese. A cup

6 mixed up A cup

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