5 Top Veg Manchurian Recipe in Hindi

5 Top Veg Manchurian Recipes in Hindi

Veg Manchurian is a Chinese dish that you can serve with rice and also with noodles. By the way, Veg Manchurian can be made with or without gravy. The taste of homemade Veg Manchurian is much better and better than any restaurant taste.

This is not a quick recipe. Manchurian is a Chinese dish, which is very tasty and good to eat. It is an exotic dish, which has become a favorite and popular dish of Indian people. People enjoy this dish very much whenever they go out for sightseeing as it has a very different taste.

What is Veg Manchurian Recipe in Hindi

Manchurian dish is made in two varieties, (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). It is a very spicy and spicy dish. Kids love it, this dish is easily available in every restaurant. We can make this dish very easily at home.

Chinese Food Perfect Manchurian Cabbage, Carrot, Capsicum, etc. Manchurian is delicious when eaten with rice or bread.

Veg Manchurian Recipe in Hindi: A Step-By-Step Guide

First, take 1 carrot, 3 tablespoons of cabbage, 5 tablespoons of spring onions, 3 onions, and 1 teaspoon of ginger garlic paste in a large bowl. Also, add 2 teaspoons of chili sauce and 1 teaspoon of salt. Mix this mixture well. Then add 3 tablespoons of flour, and 2 tablespoons of corn flour and mix well.

Add more flour as needed to make a soft dough. Now make small balls out of this mass. Fry them well in hot oil on medium heat. Fry the Manchurians, stirring constantly, until they turn golden brown. Now remove the Manchurian balls from the oil and keep them aside.

Veg Manchurian Recipe in Hindi: Cooking Directions

Then heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a large pan and add 1 inch of ginger, and 3 tablespoons of green onion and stir well, then add half of the onion and let it fry on high heat. Then add 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of chili sauce, 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce, Add 1 teaspoon of salt. Mix all the chutneys well and stir the mixture well. Now add 2 cups of water and keep boiling on medium heat. In a small bowl, Mix well. Then boil it till the gravy becomes thick and shiny. Then add 3 tbsp of green onion along with the prepared Manchurian and mix well.

Add two spoons of flour, three spoons of corn flour, one spoon of salt, green coriander, and two finely chopped green chilies to this mixture. After mixing well, form this mixture into small balls and when all the manchurians are When the balls are ready, transfer them to a plate. After that turn on the gas, place the pan on it, and heat the oil on a low flame. Then after heating the oil add the balls in it. So make sure that when you fry Manchurian balls, Keep frying these balls till they turn light brown. When all the Manchurians are of the same color, increase the gas flame for 1 minute. By doing this, the Manchurian will not get oily in the center and will cook well. Then take out the Manchurian balls in a serving dish and serve hot and enjoy.

Complete List Of Veg Manchurian Recipes in Hindi

1 Carrot 1 bowl chopped.
2 Cabbage 3 bowls chopped.
3 Flour 3 teaspoons.
4 Cornflour 2 tsp.
5 Salt to taste.
6 Black pepper powder 3 tsp.
7 Oil for frying Manchurian as required.
8 Garlic 8 cloves finely chopped.
9 1/2 inch piece of ginger finely chopped.
10 3 green onions finely chopped.
11 Green chillies 3 finely chopped.
12 Vegetable stock and water 3 cups.
13 Dark soy sauce 3 tbsp.
14 Sugar 2 teaspoons.
15 Vinegar 2 tsp.

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