Kebab Salad Recipe: Simple And Easy Delicious

Kebab Salad Recipe: Simple And Easy Delicious

Today we will teach you how to make a kebab salad recipe, so delicious that you will want to eat it again and again. Have you ever had a great kebab with a flavorful pork belly on the weekend and then cut through the fat with a crisp, crunchy, and hearty cabbage kabob salad?

I love the crisp and crunchy salad served with kebabs or mixed grill. This shredded red cabbage, tomato, iceberg lettuce, and cucumber salad is really basic, but it tastes great.

Kebab Club Turkish Salad Recipe

This easy kebab salad recipe combines shredded red cabbage with some additional classic salad greens. Turkish Kebab Salad, it’s delicious, flavorful, fresh, and very easy.

This is one of those dishes that is more than the sum of its flavors. It is very easy to make at home. It is served with homemade kebabs, kebab chili sauce, and garlic chutney and is relished.

Kebab Salad  Composition

I have used red cabbage to make this salad but you can use green cabbage if you want, you can cook green cabbage the same way you want to make red cabbage. To make a sauce that coats the cabbage, salt, olive oil, white vinegar, and lemon juice are added to the cabbage. It is then left to soak for at least 25 minutes, the longer the better.

Place the mint, olive oil, lemon juice, white vinegar, salt, and pepper in a clean mason jar and shake well. In a large bowl, finely chop your cabbage, onion, and carrot. Taste the dressing to see if it has a good balance of flavors, then adjust it all accordingly. Don’t worry it won’t taste as good until then, but it will replace the dressing of putting the cabbage on top of the cabbage. Leave for minutes, serve with any grilled meat, and enjoy.

Kebab Salad Recipe Ingredients

1 1/3 red cabbage.
2 1/3 white cabbage.
3 2 onions.
4 Carrots as needed.
5 3 tbsp dried mint.
6 1 tablespoon dried oregano.
7 1 tablespoon white vinegar.
8 1 tablespoon of sugar.
9 6 tablespoons of olive oil is not virgin.
10 Salt and pepper to taste.

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