10 Top Delicious AND Healthy Almond Cow Recipes

10 Top Delicious AND Healthy Almond Cow Recipes

Today we’ll tell you how to change things up from Almond Cow Recipes to walnut milk for this must-try recipe! Walnuts have many health benefits, from promoting good health and metabolism to their anti-cancer properties, walnuts naturally reduce inflammation and make a delicious homemade healthy milk.

I try not to hoard kitchen supplies, but Almond Cow has become a staple in my kitchen in no time. This is what I use to make all of my dairy-free kinds of milk. I usually soak my almonds and cashews and then put them in the freezer.

Best Almond Cow Recipes

Also, I hand squeeze the nut milk bag. I am very happy with my almond cow’s extra milk and can’t imagine my kitchen without it! Our recipe can be sweetened naturally with a light nutty vanilla flavor. It requires only two ingredients (almonds and water) with adjustments to suit your taste preferences. It’s the perfect milk ingredient for smoothies, cereal, lattes, baking, or to use on its own!

Almond Cow  Composition

Place the almonds and optional dates (or maple syrup) in the filter basket. Place the filter basket on top of the almond milk and twist in the direction of the nearest arrow to secure it. Add water to the 600m line in the collector cup.

Add sea salt to the water as needed. Place the collector cup in the almond milk machine (no other water has been added to the machine). Attach it to the top. Plug in the Almond Cow and then press the Cow Start button. It will go through 3 automatic steps. When the light stops flashing, your almond creamer is ready. Serve chilled, and enjoy.

Almond Cow Recipes Ingredients

1 1/2 cups almonds (if using soaked almonds, you only need to use ½ cup dry almonds, soaked in water for at least 4 hours or overnight).2 4-5 chopped dates or 1-2 tbsp maple syrup (optional).3 1 teaspoon vanilla.4 Sea salt as needed.

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