25 Top Wagyu Ground Beef Recipe

25 Top Wagyu Ground Beef Recipe

Today we will teach you how to make a delicious and hearty ground beef recipe. Which you can prepare in minutes. Find a collection of traditional Wagyu ground beef recipes that will whet your appetite, packed with rich flavors and simple ingredients, these recipes offer an upscale dining experience right in your kitchen. Let me introduce you to these 17 ground beef recipes from Japan that your family will want to eat again and again.

These 17 dishes can be part of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on your needs. Let’s get started and introduce you to the very first Japanese ground beef recipe. Humbago is one of the most famous representatives of the Yushoku period of Japanese cuisine. Yushoku refers to dishes that the Japanese have adapted to Western tableware. These are served with buns, cheese, and pickles, as you’ll often see, often enjoyed with lumbago shaped like a Japanese steak. And they prefer rice over buns served with lumbago, which is sweet, delicate, and nutty.

Wagyu Ground Beef  Composition

Heat the oil in a pan on medium heat and fry the onion until soft and brown. Add beef, pork, salt, nutmeg, black pepper, panko, milk, and egg to a bowl. Use your hands to knead all the mixture until smooth. Divide the mixture into 4 portions and make 4 patties. Roll the patties back and forth between your hands about six times to get the air out. Heat oil in a pan on medium flame. Gently place the patties in the pan and cook for 4 to 5 minutes on each side.

Add the red wine to the pan and reduce the heat to low. Cover with a lid and let the patties steam for 5 to 7 minutes. Remove the patties from the pan. In the same pan, add all the sauce ingredients and keep cooking on low flame. Continue to cook until the sauce thickens and begins to bubble. Drizzle the sauce over the patties and enjoy! Serve your hamburger steaks with rice and steamed vegetables and enjoy.

Kitchen Tools And Appliances You’ll Need

1 3 tablespoons of butter.2 1/2 sweet onion (chopped).3 1 teaspoon chili powder.4 1 teaspoon paprika.5 1 teaspoon garlic powder.6 1 pound Orecchiette pasta.7 Zucchini (grated) as required.8 2 cups beef broth.9 1/2 cups milk.10 1 tablespoon ketchup.11 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese.12 1 bunch parsley (chopped, for garnish).

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