5 Easy Dandelion Burger Recipe

Last spring when I found myself Dandelion Burger Recipe to survive a pandemic and a recession at the same time, I redoubled my passion for comfort, money-saving, and health principles. gave I taught myself how to forage for dandelions, and began collecting flowers and vegetables to supplement my food needs. I realized to my heart’s content that the humble dandelion is one of my favorite foods. The flowers are particularly fragrant and delicious, reminding me of being drizzled with honey.

The yellow flowers are usually separated from the green base and are traditionally used to flavor wines, meads, and confections. Whole flower bulbs can also be turned individually. I tried their preparation last spring, and I found it delightful. But in fact, dandelion blossoms are also used as a main dish and to make coffee. Whether indoors or out, lawns and golf courses across the country are beautified by trying to contain this little yellow monster. It spreads like wildfire.

Dandelion Burger Recipe Composition

Once you get home, wash them in cold water and then let them soak in cold water for an hour in a cool place. Drain the water wash once and change the water. Likewise, you can store them in the refrigerator as a salad. Combine all of these ingredients in a Ziploc bag or mixing bowl, mixing the dry ingredients, pepper, garlic powder, salt, oregano, basil, nut meal, skim milk powder, wheat germ, and whole wheat flour. Mix well. Dry ingredients can include chopped onion greens, onion whites, dandelion petals, and eggs. Mix all these ingredients well with your hands until a stiff dough is formed. Shape the dough into four patties, giving them a uniform texture for baking.

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