Cry Baby Noodles Recipe

Cry Baby Noodles Recipe

Today we will teach you how to make Cry Baby Noodles. Here’s how you can make delicious and crispy chicken noodles at home. We will teach you how to make such fun dolls that will keep all your fingers licking. So let’s start by reading Bismillah’s recipe to make it. First of all, Mix nine dills and salad oil in a bowl. Then add chicken cube flour, pineapple, salt, sugar, vinegar, chicken, almonds, white pepper, lemon, capsicum, black pepper, and chicken cube and mix well. Delicious Chicken Noodles Salad is ready. Serve hot and enjoy delicious chicken noodles.


1 (Noodles 5 packets.2 Salad oil in one teaspoon.3 Chicken cube flour as per requirement.4 Pineapple cubes one ton.5 Salt to taste.6 One tablespoon of sugar.7 Two tablespoons of vinegar.8 (Chicken breast two pieces (boiled, finely chopped.9 (Almonds ½ cup (boiled).10 (White pepper half teaspoon (ground).11 Two lemons.12 (Capsicum 1 (chopped).13 (Black pepper half teaspoon (ground).14 Chicken cubes.

Cry Baby Macaroni Recipe

macaroni 1 pak boil kr liya.Then 1pan mei 4 5 spoon oil 2spoon Lehman kuta hua dal k fry kiya then add chicken cubes n fry jb fry ho jye to jo b sabzi add krni ho (mei shimla n band gobi ad ki) sath namak kali mirch add kr k achy sy bhun ly then add pizza sauce or ketchup sath oregano 1tea spoon dali hlka sa mix kiya thora sa pani dala ta k sauce c bn eye then add macaroni and mix it. Flam of Kry n serve Kry

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