Dates And Nuts Milkshake Benefits

Dates And Nuts Milkshake Benefits

Today we will teach you how to make a Dates And Nuts Milkshake Benefits. There are many benefits of making and drinking this kind of milkshake. It will increase our immunity and remove physical weakness. It will remove our physical weakness as well as mental weakness. So let’s start the recipe to make it. Shake in the morning by adding half a kilo of milk Make it. You can also add sugar etc.


1 Gives strength to the liver and stomach, removes heat and dryness, and makes righteous blood, after a few days of use, the face becomes radiant.2  is the best tonic for those who complain of physical weakness.2 Removes physical weakness.3 is a strong brain and nerves.4 Removes laziness, weakness, and fatigue.5. Produces adequate heat and humidity.


1 4 dates,2 Nuts, almonds, 11.3 Sugi (raisins) 2 tbsp.4 Banana.5 Peeled Spaghoul Two spoons.6 A spoonful of white sesame seeds.

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