5 Top Bare Chicken Nuggets Recipes

5 Top Bare Chicken Nuggets Recipes

Today we will teach you how to make chicken nuggets. How you can prepare hotel-like nuggets at home. So let’s teach you how to make delicious chicken nuggets. First of all, Take out the minced meat and dry spices once in a chopper, now add vinegar and mustard paste. Shape the nuggets and dip them in egg and coat them with corn flour, then dip them in egg, then coat them with breadcrumbs and fry them. Nuggets are ready You can easily freeze these nuggets for up to 20 days. Serve hot chicken nuggets with ketchup and enjoy. And Nuggets of potatoes. Boil half a kilo of potatoes. The salt Black pepper. As per taste if you want to mix something by crushing it, add it and make such marks with a fork. Now after coding the breadcrumbs, fry them well and take them. Best lunch boxes for kids.


1 Chicken mince half kg.2 One tablespoon of vinegar.3 White pepper half teaspoon.4 Black pepper half a teaspoon.5 salt.6 Mustard paste one tablespoon.7 Egg number.8 A bowl of breadcrumbs.9 For corn flour coating.10 Oil for frying.

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