Chicken Satay Kit

Chicken Satay Kit

Today we will teach you how to make a delicious Chicken Satay Kit. So let’s start with the recipe for making it. First of all, Cut the chicken breast into slices, sprinkle salt on top, and leave for some time. Meanwhile, add ginger paste, brown sugar, peanuts, flour, black pepper, soy sauce, salt, and two tablespoons of oil in a chopper and mix and make a paste. Now apply the paste to the chicken slices and marinate for an hour. Then place the chicken slices on the barbecue sticks. Now fry the chicken in a frying pan or bake it or cook it on coals. Finally, take it out on a serving plate serve it with the sauce, and enjoy.



1 Chicken breast___ 1 kg.2 Ginger paste___ 2 tbsp.3 Flour___ 2 Tablespoons.4  Black pepper___ 1 teaspoon chopped.5 Peanuts___ 1 cup roasted.6 Brown Sugar__ 3 Tablespoons.7  Soya sauce___ 4 tablespoons.8 Oil___ as required.9 Salt ___ to taste.10 Barbecue___ sticks as required.

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