137 Degrees Almond Milk

137 Degrees Almond Milk

Today we will teach you how to make milk sherbet. Milk is drunk by children and with great enthusiasm. Milk makes our bones strong, it boosts our immunity, and gives us energy. There are many benefits of drinking it. Consuming cold milk syrup is very useful for us in the summer season. It reduces the body heat in us and keeps us fresh. It provides us with protein.


To make it we need the following items. need to Soak the Malinga seeds overnight in water, boil milk and cool it. Cook sugar in water and dissolve it and cool it too. Grind fennel and cardamom finely and tie it in a muslin cloth and make a pot. Add sugar water and fennel to the boiled milk and mix it and keep it for a while, after that squeeze the fennel pot and add its juice to the syrup. So that the milk syrup smells good and keeps the milk in the freezer or chiller to cool. Now add Tham Malinga, Badam Roohafza, and cream on top and wrap it in tissue paper in a glass and serve it cold and enjoy it.


Pure milk / Almond / Cardamom / Fennel / Seed Malinga / Sugar / Roohafza / Curry

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