Fresh Mango Tart Recipe

Fresh Mango Tart Recipe

In the summer season we Fresh Mango Tart Recipe well as make many things with mangoes, today we are telling you the easy recipe for making mango tart so that you can enjoy the season to the fullest. Break the Digesto Biscuits in a grinder, add melted butter along with the cinnamon powder and cardamom powder, and grind it well.

Now take the cream cheese in a bowl and beat it well with a batter so that it becomes thick. Now add the mango paste and beat it again, then keep it in the fridge for 2 hours, then in a bowl. Fill another bowl with ice fill it with full milk cream add sugar and beat it with batter. Cut your slices and decorate them, and he is ready.


1 Digestive biscuits. 400 grams.2 The butter is melted. 125 grams.3 Cinnamon powder 1 tbsp.4 Cardamom powder Half a tablespoon.5 Cream thing. 100 grams.6 Mango paste made. Half a cup 7 Milk cream 240 ml chilled.8 Crushed sugar. 1/3 cup.

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