Fried Rice Recipe

Today we will teach you how to make a Fried Rice Recipe. You may not have eaten a lot of hotel-made cat Rice, but the taste of eating Rice made at home is something else. Many sisters wanted to tell us the recipe for making a bill Rice. So let’s start with the recipe for making it. First of all, Peel and wash the carrots, cut them, and put them in boiling water. Cook for three to four minutes and filter dry. Now add three spoons of oil in a pan and fry the carrots and raisins with sugar, cook for two to three minutes, and take it out. Leave the chicken in vinegar for 15 minutes, then fry in a pan with oil until brown and remove. Blend tomatoes, onions, hot spices, and cardamom, then fry them in the oil extracted from the chicken.


Then mix these spices with the roasted chicken and other remaining spices and fry together. When the chicken and spices are cooked and turn red, turn off the stove. Boil the rice in a separate pot. Take the boiled rice out of the water and put it in a big pot, grease the bottom of the pot with oil. While adding the rice, keep adding the chicken herbs, adding all the herbs in the middle of the rice. Add a little water and cook them on a medium flame for 15 minutes, do not cover the pot. Take out on plates and serve hot Kabuli pulao with raita and salad and enjoy. Note. If Channa Pulau is made instead of Chicken Kabuli Pulau, all other ingredients will remain the same except the chicken. Boil the chickpeas in a separate pot after soaking them for 12 hours, all other methods will remain the same.


1 2 kg of silaged rice (soak for 6 hours).2 Three cups of cooking oil.3 5 onions (chopped).4 9 red tomatoes (chopped).5 Garlic and ginger powder 4 tsp.6 One and a half teaspoons of hot spice powder.7 A teaspoon of chopped black pepper.8 Small cardamom 9 to 10 pcs.9 Half a cup of white vinegar.10 Salt to taste.11 Red Chilli to taste (optional).12 Use mutton and beef if you want to chop chicken.13 Finely chopped carrots.14 Two tablespoons of sugar.15 Raisins as needed.

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