90S Desserts

90S Desserts

Today we will teach you how to make Zarda. Most of the people are very fond of sweet food. On the days of Muharram, the langar of Zarda is done with great noise. So let’s start our recipe for today. First, Boil the rice in colored water and drain the water. Heat the ghee and add sugar and add half a cup of milk. When the cash becomes like a string, add the rice and mix. Later, add all the fruits and keep them for fifteen minutes. While boiling the rice, add half a teaspoon of yolk color, don’t forget to add a little bit of almonds, etc. The hot yolk is ready. Serve in a serving dish and enjoy.



1 Two cups of rice.2 Yellow color.3 A cup of sugar.4 Small cardamom three numbers.5 Six almonds.6 Six pistachios.7 coconut. Three spoons of ghee.

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