5 Cup Papri Chaat Salad Recipes

5 Cup Papri Chaat Salad Recipes

Today we will teach you how to make delicious and crunchy  Papri Chaat Salad. You may eat a lot of  Papri chaat made in the market, but the taste of eating pa padi chaat made at home is something else. So come. Let’s start our recipe today. First of all, Mix flour, salt, ghee, and water in a bowl and knead a stiff dough. Now leave it for half an hour. Then take the dough and cut small balls with a biscuit cutter. Now make a hole in it and fry till golden. Now use it after it cools down.


For Papri Chaat:

Beat milk and yogurt with sugar. Then add red pepper, salt, and cumin and mix it. After that put papri in a serving plate and add curd and top with potatoes, gram, sew, coriander and mint and tamarind chutney and serve.

For The Tamarind Sauce:

Soak jaggery and tamarind in two cups of water for one hour. Now mash it with your hands and extract the juice.
Now add salt, crushed red chilies, ground red chilies, black pepper, ground coriander, chaat masala, and cumin, and cook it till it thickens. Now take it out and use it.

For The Mint Sauce:

Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend well. The mint chutney is ready. The delicious and crunchy pa padi chaat is ready.


1 Two hundred grams of flour.2 Two tablespoons of ghee.3 Salt half a teaspoon.

For The lick Ingredients:

1 A quarter cup of milk.2 Two tablespoons of sugar.3 (Half a teaspoon of red pepper (ground).4 Salt half a teaspoon.5 (Cumin seeds half teaspoon (roasted and chopped).6 (Two cups of curd (whipped).7 (One potato (boiled and cut).8 One cup of chickpeas (boiled).9 Save half a cup.10 Two tablespoons of green coriander.11 Mint and tamarind chutney ½ cup.

For The Tamarind Sauce Ingredients:

1 Two hundred grams of jaggery.2 One hundred grams of tamarind.3 Salt half a teaspoon.4 (Red pepper half teaspoon (chopped).5 Sixty-half teaspoons.6 Chaat masala one teaspoon.7 A teaspoon of cumin.8 Black pepper half a teaspoon.9 (Red pepper one teaspoon (ground).

For The Mint Sauce Ingredients:

1 A bunch of mints.2 (One onion (chopped).3 Salt half a teaspoon.4 4 green chilies.5 Yogurt half a cup.6 Sour powder half teaspoon.7 Carry a number.8 A teaspoon of garlic.

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