Radhuni Haleem Mix

Radhuni Haleem Mix

Today we will teach you how to make Radhuni Haleem Mix. During the days of Muharram, Halim’s langar is made with great noise and people eat it with great enthusiasm. So let’s start with the recipe for making it. First of all, Soak the wheat and all the pulses for two hours. Change the water of the pulses every half an hour. Boil the wheat separately and add turmeric when it is about to dissolve. Boil gram dal, when it is half cooked, add the rest of the dal and mash it well. Now fry the onion in ghee. Keep the fried onions aside.

Fry garlic and ginger in oil, add all the spices except salt and garam masala, add all the spices, and add the meat and fry. Now add water and cook the meat till it becomes tender. After that add all the pulses and wheat. If the water is a little less, stir well until all the ingredients are combined and the fibers of the meat are mixed with the pulses and when lifted with a spoon, the fibers come with the pulses. Now add rice flour or boiled rice paste and mix well. Add half of the crushed garam masala and cover it for two minutes now add salt. Haleem is ready. Add onions, diagram masala, lemon, ginger, and green chilies, and serve. Serve with hot naan or chapati and enjoy.


1 Meat (boneless) 1 kg.2 One onion.3 Coriander (ground) one teaspoon.4 Half the wheat.5 Halve the dal mash,6 Halve lentils and chickpeas.7 Oil one pau,8 Garlic Ginger (paste) Three teaspoons,9 Three teaspoons of salt,10 Halve the lentils and masoor,11 Half a pound of dal arhar,12 Chilli powder three teaspoons,13 Cumin powder one teaspoon,14 Ground garam masala one spoon,15 A handful of julienned ginger,16 Cut lemon for garnishing,17 Green chilies and green coriander for garnishing,18 Rice flour Boil two spoons of rice and grind it with half a cup of water.


Add salt at the end of slow-cooking foods, because salt causes things to rot for a long time, and secondly, the color and taste change. Also, try to add garam masala at the end or fry it in oil and then remove it. Only the aroma will remain, the speed will not come. Do not add garam masala in Haleem at all.

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