A Taste Of Memphis BBQ

A Taste Of Memphis BBQ

Our recipe today is Chicken White A Taste Of Memphis BBQ. So let’s start with how to make it. First, Wash and cut the chicken pieces. Now add vinegar salt, white pepper, ground green pepper, ginger garlic, Zachary powder, and melted ghee to it and leave it for an hour. Heat a quarter cup of oil add finely chopped onion and Marynet chicken and keep it on low flame. Add half a cup of cream to the almond paste mix it into the chicken and cook for another five minutes. Once ready, serve hot and enjoy the delicious Memphis BBQ.



1 Chicken 4 pieces. A kilo.2 Coin. 4 tablespoons.3 Ground green chilies. 2 tbsp.4 White pepper. A teaspoon.5 Garbage powder A teaspoon.6 Ghee. Two tablespoons.7 Roast chopped cumin. A teaspoon.8 Onion. A number 9 Almond paste 2 tablespoons.10 Ginger garlic. 1 tablespoon.11 The cream 1 packet.

A Taste Of chapli Kabab:

Today we will teach you how to make delicious and crispy Chapli Kebabs. Everyone eats market-mad ChapliKebabs. But the taste of eating Chapli Kebabs made at home is something else, so let’s start our recipe today. First of all, Put the mince in a vessel add all these ingredients, and mix well so that the fibers are made of fibers. Melt oil/ghee or fat in a pan or frying pan and make mince kebabs in it and fry them in this way. Now eat hot chapli kebabs with raita/chutney and salad.


1 Mince 1/2 kg (finely minced).2 Finely chopped onion 2 nos.3 Finely chopped tomatoes 2 nos.4 8 to 10 green chilies finely chopped.5 1/2 green coriander finely chopped.6 A tablespoon of chopped coriander.7 1 tablespoon of white cumin powder.8 A tablespoon of pomegranate seeds.9 Two tablespoons of corn flour (you can add three if you feel the need).10 A tablespoon of chopped red pepper.11 Salt to taste.12 Oil or fat for frying.

Note: It is your choice whether or not to add egg (scrambled, fried egg) to the batter of chapli kebab.

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