Leftover Rib Meat Recipes

Today we will make Leftover Rib Meat Recipes so you can prepare delicious Rib Meat in no time. So let’s start our recipe for today. First, Heat cooking oil in a pot add the meat, and fry it on high flame until golden brown. Add four cups (one liter) of water and when it boils, make a pot of coriander and fennel in a clean muslin/cotton cloth and add it to the boiling meat.

When the meat comes to rotting, add red chilies, crushed garlic, and two pieces of onion to it and keep it on low heat for ten to fifteen minutes. Now take out the frozen meat in a serving dish and eat it with warm chapati/roti or naan after reciting Bismillah, and enjoy.


1 Goat/sheep/beef meat half kg. Cut the onion into six small pieces.3 Grind eight pieces of garlic/thyme seeds/cumin.4 Half a teaspoon of salt or as per taste. Ten red chilies.7 Turmeric in one teaspoon.8 One tablespoon of dried coriander. One tablespoon of fennel.10  One tablespoon of hot spice.11  Four tablespoons of cooking oil.

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