Caramel Popcorn Balls Recipe

Caramel Popcorn Balls Recipe

Today we will teach you how to make Popcorn and how you can prepare it at home so let’s get started. First, put the pot on the stove, cover it with a lid, and turn the heat to medium. For 2 minutes so that the bottom of the pot gets hot. Now reduce the heat completely and add cooking oil. Cover the lid for 30 seconds so that the oil gets hot. Now put the corn in it and cover the lid. Be careful. If there is oil under each grain of corn, then they will pop, otherwise, they will not pop. If the oil is low, increase it.



If the oil is cooled or the pot is not heated quickly, the corn kernels will not Today we will teach you how to make Popcorn. Rather, it will remain quite raw. Heat both the pot and the oil and then add the corn on low heat. As soon as the corn is added, cover the lid. At the same time, you will start to hear a popping sound. In such a case, do not make the mistake of removing the lid, otherwise, your face will be bombarded with light like countless popcorn pods. Be comforted. Keep listening to the crackers. After a while, the sound will stop. Now switch off the stove. After 20 seconds, remove the lid. Popcorn is ready and take it out in a dish.


1 4 tbsp corn kernels for popcorn.2 Butter or oil 3 tbsp.


Take a non-stick frying pan. Add butter and sugar to it. Melt on low heat. Keep stirring the spoon constantly. The sugar will start to melt and thicken. When it changes color to almond, add vanilla essence. It can be spent without adding it. Now add a spoonful of milk or condensed milk and immediately mix it and pour it on the popcorn. And mix the popcorn with a spoon so that the caramel is well coated. After a while, when you feel that your hands will not burn, separate the popcorn from your hands, otherwise they will stick together. Now do the test. Wasn’t it fun? Watch two or three videos of whites on YouTube. Tips will be well known Serve in a serving dish and enjoy.

Carmel & Ingredients:

1 butter melted 2 tbsp.2 Sugar half a cup.3 Vanilla essence 1 drop.

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