French Quarter Fest Food

Often we make French Quarter Fest Food at home as crispy and crispy as in the market, but due to a lack of such spices, the test does not pass completely. That’s why today’s food has brought you Potato Chips, a French Fries Topping Recipe, which will make your fries more delicious, so let’s start the Potato Chips Recipe. First of all grind Chinese salt, oregano, onion powder, and lemon salt in a grinder until it is finely ground.


Now take it out in a bowl and mix it by adding salt, garlic powder, Kashmiri, and red chilies. If you live in a place or keep spices where moisture gets into the containers, then you should add cornflour to it. Mix all the ingredients well and strain them through a sieve so that there are no lumps in the spices now keep this spice in a bottle and sprinkle it over the french fries.


1 Salt 2 tbsp.2 Kashmiri chili 4 tbsp.3 Cayenne pepper 2 tbsp.4 Lemon salt 1 tsp.5 Garlic powder 1 tbsp.6 Ajinomoto (Chinese salt) 1 tsp.7 Onion powder 1 tbsp.8 Oregano ½ tsp.9 Chicken powder 1 tsp (if desired).10 Potatoes 2.

Chicken Shawarma Arabic Style:

Everyone eats shawarma made in the market, but eating shawarma made at home is a different story, so let’s start with our recipe today.


To Make Chicken:

Cut the chicken pieces into thin slices. Heat oil in a pan add chicken slices and garlic and fry well. Now add curd, vinegar, lemon juice, and salt, and take masala to it and fry it lightly and dry it. Take it out on a plate and let it cool. The chicken is ready.

How To Make Sauce:

Add sesame paste, lemon juice, curd, and garlic in a bowl and mix well. Put it in a pan and fry it. Then take it out in a bowl. The sauce is ready.

How To Make a Salad:

Cut thin slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. Cut the salad leaves into thin slices and place in a large bowl. Then add tomatoes, cucumber, and salad leaves to it. Now add olive oil to it and add chilies and cucumber pickle. The salad is ready.

Method Of Pita Filling:

Take a pan and lightly fry the pita bread in it. Then open the bag and add the chicken mixture, sauce, olive slices, and salad. Chicken shawarma is ready to serve hot and enjoy delicious chicken shawarma.


1 Three hundred grams of boneless chicken.2 Half a cup of curd.3 Two tablespoons of vinegar.4 Two tablespoons of barbecue seasoning.5 A tablespoon of lemon juice.6 A teaspoon of chopped black pepper.7 Garlic two yokes.
8 Salt to taste.9 (Ingredients for making sauce).10 Sesame paste half a cup.11 A quarter cup of lemon juice.12 Garlic two yokes.13 Two tablespoons of curd.14 (Ingredients for the filling).15 Chilli pickles one cup.16 Achari cucumber half cup.17 Pita bread four digits.18 Several cucumbers.19 One onion.20 A tomato.21 Salad address three to four numbers.22 Green, black olives 1 cup (sliced).23 Two to three tablespoons of olive oil.

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