Hawaii Smoked Meat Recipe

Hawaii Smoked Meat Recipe

I thought I would tell you how to make smoked meat today! I really enjoyed eating it. First of all, add goat meat, garlic, ginger paste, onion, coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, chopped red chilies, and milk in a clay pot. Add two glasses of water and cover it on medium heat to cook. When the meat is cooked, add black pepper powder to the curd and beat it well and add it to the meat and leave it to cook.

Then take a piece of roti or a bowl and put burning coal in it and add a little oil on top and keep it on the tail for 5 minutes. When it is done, add coriander leaves and take it out from the stove and take it out in a serving bowl. Very great and delicious smoked meat is ready. Serve with warm roti/naan, salad, and raita.


1 Goat meat (one and a half kilos).2 Onions (4 pcs finely chopped).3 Tomatoes (4.5 pcs chopped).4 Green chilies (3-4 pieces finely chopped).5 Yogurt (half cup).6 Coriander (optional).7 Garlic ginger paste (2 tablespoons).8 salt (to taste).9 Red Chilli Powder (1 teaspoon).10 Chopped red chilies (half teaspoon).11 Cooking oil (1 cup).12 Turmeric powder (1 quarter teaspoon).13 Coriander powder (1 teaspoon).14 Black pepper powder (1 teaspoon).15 Cumin (1 teaspoon).16 Coal (1 piece).

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