The Kitchen Boulder

The role of appliances is so important to the beauty of my kitchen. Like Ayesha, Salman Khan was for Sadia.It was a famous palace for Shah Jahan. And my kitchen is so incomplete without them. As Majun was without Leila.And leaves without being sassy. These things add so much charm to my kitchen. Like a parlor makes a bride’s make-up and adds to her charm. The one in the picture below is the round yellowish box with Max. It is Lemon Max paste. I use it to wash the dishes. Along with it is a yellow cloth. I use it to clean the kitchen counter. And below that is a piece of green. It’s Scotch brandy. With spinach. I wash the dishes with lemon max paste on it.


And if necessary, I use scotch brandy with spinach. And along with it is Steel Wall. From which I am rotten Pande Manj yes. And the most important of them are three bottles standing behind like soldiers with their hands tied. One of which is a bottle of vinegar. The other is lemon max liquid. And the third bottle is a serum prepared from the solution of these two bottles. I also put Yes, if you also want to decorate your kitchen like a bride, then bring all these things immediately. And take a half-liter bottle with two lids of vinegar bottle that has a lid on it.

Treble in The Kitchen

Add a tablespoon of sweet soda and a little lemon max liquid and then add water and prepare a solution. Shine whatever you want from it. Shine the kitchen counter. Shine the back panels of the counter. Shine the stove. Shine whatever you want. Just remember not to shine your mouth. The spray bottle in which you have prepared the spray. Spray it on the stove, spray it on the tiles, and spray it on the kitchen counter. Clean or with a cloth. With this spray, hidden grease and spots disappear in minutes. Like a horn from a donkey’s head. And things begin to shine like the fourteenth moon. And apart from that, I also clean the microwave, fridge, and kitchen cabinet doors with this solution. My doors are UV sheets. Do not apply on polished doors.


And last but not least, I also wash the dishes with this solution. Be it steel, plastic, or glass. Spray on the dishes. Hit the sponge and then the dishes become frothy. This solution is very good, especially for those whose dishes are washed by aunts. Less effort and less expense. Saves money too because this solution cleans things in minutesAnd Aunty is also happy with this and you are also happy. This is a solution. Low cost, high cost. Many sisters will surely clean the kitchen in the same way. Many will know. And many will not even know. Because not everyone knows everything. The process of human learning continues from the mother’s lap to the grave. Follow our tips and make your kitchen more functional. Lots of love and prayers to all.

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