38 Special Juice Wrld

38 Special Juice Wrld

Today I am sharing the recipe for 38 Special Juice Wrld. Today we will tell you how to make Mango DelightSo let’s start our recipe for today. First of all, Make jelly from a packet of jelly according to the instructions given on the packet and freeze it. Add mango pieces to it and keep it frozen completely.

Put the cheese, cream, and sugar in a mixer and grind until smooth. Dissolve the second packet of jelly in three-quarters of a glass of hot water add to the cheese mixture and grind again. Pour over the frozen jelly and refrigerate. Garnish it with whipped cream. Serve chilled Mango Delight and enjoy.


1 Two bowls of mango (chopped).2 Two bowls of cottage cheese (paneer).3 Two packets of pineapple jelly.4 One and a half cups of cream.5 Three-quarters of a cup of sugar.6 Three glasses of warm water.

Juice Of Jamun Fruit In A Glass

This jamun slush is a must-try. So delicious that you will give prayers to Mahwish Amir. Take the, wash them well put them in an open vessel, and shake them frequently so that the pulp is separated from the kernel. Add a little water and sugar to the pulp and shake it.


Then add black salt and ice cubes and shake and the slush is ready. Rest assured you will make it again and again. It has a cooling effect, it is the best drink in summer and it has a long list of benefits besides being delicious and weight loss. Diabetic patients should not add sugar. People with high blood pressure should not add salt. Happy and healthy drink.

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