Chicken Salad Recipe No Celery

Chicken Salad Recipe No Celery

Today we will make Lahore’s famous delicious Chicken Salad Recipe No Celery, which everyone eats with great enthusiasm. Everyone eats chana chaat made in the market, but the taste of eating chana chaat made at home is something else. So let’s start our recipe today. First of all, add baking soda to the chickpeas and boil. Boil the potatoes and cut them and also cut the tomatoes and peas.


Add two tablespoons of tamarind water, two tablespoons of potato bokhara sauce, two tablespoons of green chutney, one teaspoon of chaat masala, and three tablespoons of dhi and mix well. Now add chickpeas, potato, onion, tomato and all the chutneys, spices, and curd in the dish then add remaining chickpeas and then add onion, potato, tomato, and all chutney spices and serve and enjoy the delicious Lahori Chana Chaat salad.


1 Gram… two cups.2 Potatoes. Two numbers.3 Tomatoes. Two numbers.4 Onion. Two numbers.5 Salt: one teaspoon.6 Cumin… one tablespoon.7 Coriander: one tablespoon.8 Red pepper – six numbers.9 (Roast cumin, coriander, red chilies and grind them).10 Chaat masala. Two tablespoons.11 Half a cup.12 Hari Chutney.. 1/4 cup.13 Aloo Bukhara Chutney – 1/4 cup.14 Tamarind water – quarter cup.

Bean salad chaat:

Today we will make La Bia ki chaat. The use of beans is very beneficial for both children and adults. So let’s start today’s recipe for making our delicious and crunchy labia ki chaat. First, boil the beans. Now add beans, salt, chaat masala, cumin, tamarind paste, red chili, mint, onion, coriander, green chili, and tomato in a bowl and mix. You can also add potatoes to it if you want. The delicious Lobia Chaat is ready, garnish with lemon and green chilies, serve in a beautiful Seba Wool, and enjoy.


1 Beans___ 2 cups.2 Salt ___ to taste.3 Chaat masala___ 1 tablespoon.4 Cumin___ 1 tablespoon roasted and ground.5 Tamarind paste___ half cup.6 Red Chilli Powder___ 1 Tablespoon.7 Onion___ 1/4 cup chopped.8 Mint___ 4 tablespoons crushed.9 Coriander___ 4 tablespoons ground.10 Green chili___ ground as required.11 Tomato___ 1/4 cup chopped.12 Lemon, green chili___ for garnish.

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