5 All-Natural Ways To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Today we will teach you different tips for 5 All-Natural Ways To Deep Clean Your Kitchen. Dirty tongs or tea leaves stuck in a sieve. All clear in minutes.A unique and easy way to clean kitchen items. Keeping your house and kitchen clean is as important as keeping yourself clean, because if your house is dirty, no matter how good you are, people will think you are dirty and dirty.


But our women here are very careful about the kitchen and they try to make their kitchen look clean and shiny along with the house. But sometimes the rush of cooking in the kitchen spoils the layout of the kitchen and the things in the kitchen. So learn some tips in Women’s Corner today that can save you both time and effort. Following are the methods of cleaning the kitchen.

1 Rainwater:

Keep rainwater in your kitchen. If the hand gets burnt sometimes while doing the king, applying rainwater gives relief and the wound heals quickly.

2 Mint leaves:

Be sure to keep poo leaves in your kitchen, firstly, it will keep the smell in the kitchen and secondly, the bee flies will not come.

3 Burn The Tea Strainer:

Sometimes due to hasty extraction and serving of tea, leaves are left in the tea strainer, and due to not washing properly, these leaves get stuck in the nets, due to which spoils quickly. You should keep this strainer on the stove for some time and put a sieve on low heat, this will remove the leaf in the strainer and the tea strainer will be completely clean, then wash it and wipe it with a cloth.

4 Burn The Tomatoes:

Wash and dry the tomato then burn it on a low flame and put it on a plate, then crush it with the help of a spoon. Now rub this crushed tomato on the dirty glassware, and you will see that all the marks will disappear soon.

5 Burn The Tongs:

Some people make roti in a hurry and if the pan breaks while baking the bread, the dough sticks to the tongs and if you don’t wash it well, the dough remains stuck to the tongs, in such a case you apply a little salt water on the tongs and Bake it on the stove for some time, it will clean your tongs completely.

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