30 Best Baby Shower Dessert

30 Best Baby Shower Desserts

Today we will make 30 Best Baby Shower Desserts, everyone eats such a fruit. Today, let’s try to make a very different recipe from the fruit, so let’s start. Add milk, vanilla essence, and sugar in a bowl and mix. Now take milk in a pan and add vanilla essence, and vanilla custard dissolved in milk, thicken it on low heat, and cool it.


Now take the fruit cake and cut it. Now garnish the fruit cake, Mehran mixes fruit syrup, Mehran mix fruit, fruits, prepared custard, fruit cake, dry nuts, and whipped cream, and mix the fruit in a bowl. Your delicious fruit trifle is ready, serve chilled and enjoy.


1 Three tablespoons of vanilla custard.2 One cup of sugar.3 One and a half liters of milk.4 Vanilla essence one teaspoon.5 10 Fruit Cakes.6 Mehran Fruit Syrup 1 tsp.7 Mehran mix fruit one no.8 Half kg of whipping cream.
9 Twenty-five grams of pistachios.10 Cashews twenty-five grams.11 Almonds twenty-five grams.12 Two numbers of mangoes.13 A handful of black grapes.14 Banana three numbers.

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