Plant-Based Colocasia Recipes

Plant-Based Colocasia Fritters Recipes

Today we are going to teach you how to make Colocasia vegetables, so let’s start our recipe today. Separate the thick bundles of are leaves and wash them well and then keep them aside. Put soda in a basin and add salt, turmeric, coriander, cumin powder, sesame seeds, hung ginger, green chili paste, sugar, and a teaspoon of oil and mix everything well. Then add tamarind juice and enough water to the besan mixture to make a paste.


Apply this paste evenly on the leaves. Then hold the leaves from both ends and fold them and then roll them in such a way that the paste does not come out. Then place these rolls in the steamer and steam for 45 minutes. Then cut these steam rolls into thick pieces. Heat oil separately in a pot and add rye and boil it, when it starts to boil, lower the heat and put the rolls in the oil side by side. After five to seven minutes, flip over so that the other side of the rolls is also fried.After frying for another five minutes, remove from the stove, add coriander and copra, and serve. You can serve these rolls hot or cold.


1 Colocasia leaves are ten in number.2 Besan 1 cup.3 A teaspoon of salt.4 Turmeric powder teaspoon.5 Coriander powder in one teaspoon.6 Cumin powder in one teaspoon.7 Two teaspoons of sesame seeds.8 A teaspoon of soda.
9 Hung pinch.10 Ginger green chili paste one teaspoon.11 Pinch of hot spice powder.12 A pinch of sugar.13 One tablespoon of tamarind juice.14 One tablespoon of pure oil.15 Rye one teaspoon.16 Two teaspoons of green coriander leaves.17 Two tablespoons of grated pumpkin.

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