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Chicken Macaroni Salad AND Melissa Salad Recipes

Today we will make chicken macaroni salad which is loved by kids and adults alike, so let’s teach you how to make chicken macaroni salad. Mix macaroni and salad oil in a bowl. Then add chicken cube flour, pineapple, salt, sugar, vinegar, chicken, almonds, white pepper, lemon, capsicum, black pepper, and chicken cube and mix well.
Delicious chicken macaroni salad is ready, serve in a serving dish and enjoy.



1 (Elbow macaroni 1 packet (boiled.2 Salad oil in one teaspoon.3 Chicken cube flour as per requirement.
4 Pineapple cubes one ton.5 Salt to taste.6 One tablespoon of sugar.7 Two tablespoons of vinegar.
8 (Chicken breast two pieces (boiled, finely chopped.9 (Almonds ½ cup (boiled).10 (White pepper half teaspoon (ground).11 Two lemons.12 (Capsicum 1 (chopped).13 (Black pepper half a teaspoon (ground).14 Chicken cubes.

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