Fennel Water For Skin Whitening

Fennel Seeds And Elaichi Water Benefits

So friends, do you know the benefits of drinking fennel water daily at night? So today we will tell you about its benefits and how useful it is for us to use it. Many people often suffer from discoloration, with the face fading over time. College, university, and office-going girls and women face this problem the most. The sun shines directly on the face, hands, and feet, which does not keep the radiance of the face. Today I am going to tell you something that will clear your complexion.



While you will need straightforward ingredients to make it which you will surely have in your kitchen, add all the ingredients, then mix well with a spoon. Keep the water covered for one to one and a half hours. After that all the ingredients will be extracted and the water will change color. After that, filter the water and drink it at night before bed. It should be noted that cardamom is great for brightening the complexion, fennel will remove stomach heat so you won’t get acne on your face, white cumin will improve digestion and cinnamon is great for removing impurities from the body. May ask about more physical or sexual problems.


1 Two to three small cardamoms
2 One tablespoon of fennel
3 Half a tablespoon of white cumin
4 A small piece of cinnamon
5 One glass of lukewarm water

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