Benefits Of Drinking Clay Pot Water

God is long has created Benefits Of Drinking Clay Pot Water  One of the blessings is soil. We use this clay to make our houses, molds, pottery, and other necessities of life. Soil is a great gift of nature to man. The use of earthenware is not only used for narrative purposes but it has countless benefits for human health. But most of us are unaware of this and prefer to use glass, plastic, and steel utensils.

Cold Water:


Many of us will remember that in the olden days, water was stored in clay pots (Matkas) as there was neither electricity nor anything like refrigerators at that time. Today’s scientists also say that there is nothing better than an earthen pot in which to store water. Clay pitchers not only cool the water but also add clay elements to it. Which is extremely beneficial for human health. It is generally observed that earthen pitchers cool the water depending on the climate. This property is only in soil and not in anything else.

Masam Dar:

Soil is porous. For this reason, clay pots are also porous. This is why when you put water in a clay pot, the process of evaporation starts. Due to this process, the water starts to cool.


If you look at the pottery with a microscope, you will see very small pores. Due to these pores, water seeps out. This property was found only in clay pots and not in the steel, plastic, etc. pots used today. Some pots are made from a special type of clay called “MICACEOUS” which has a cloudy property.

Pinal Attribute And Value:

Saltiness is one of the characteristics of pottery. Due to its salinity or salinity, earthenware neutralizes the acidity of water and balances its PH level. As the PH level of the water is correct, it causes a reduction in stomach pain. Due to this property of clay pot, it is very useful and healthy for human health. When milk and meat etc. are cooked in earthenware, it undergoes a chemical change which is beneficial for human health as well as improves the taste of these things.

Improvement Of Power And Management System:

If we drink the right amount of water in our daily lives, it makes our digestive system much better and faster. Most of us keep water in plastic containers, not realizing that plastic is made of chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A), which sticks to water like a mole. And harm to human health. While earthenware is made without any camellias it is also very beneficial for health. Drinking water in an earthen pot increases human strength.

Soft On The Throat:

Drinking water in an earthen pot after sports also feels pleasant on the throat because it is soft on the throat. We don’t realize what is beneficial and what is not by drinking water in an earthen pot. What benefit has nature put in it? It brings many positive changes in our bodies. It improves the functions of our kidneys. While there are many benefits of drinking water in a clay pot, we should keep some things in mind every third day the water pot should be washed and the water should be changed. Further investigation will reveal more properties.

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