Easy Green Chili Fritters Recipe By Mahwish

Today we will make green chili Fritters. If you serve Fritters with the food, the taste of the food will be doubled.
Wash the green chilies well and put them in a bowl and with the help of a knife, cut the chilies in the middle and remove the seeds.


Put all the spices ingredients in a bowl mix well and fill this mixture with the chilies. Now put all the batter-making ingredients in a bowl add a little water and mix to make a batter. After that, heat the oil in a pan dip the spicy chilies in this batter, and fry them in the oil. When crispy and golden brown, take it out and serve with ketchup and chutney, and enjoy.


1 For stuffing in green chilies

2 Large fixed green chilies – one pau

3 Amchur powder- one and a half tablespoons

4 Salt to taste

5 Red Chilli Powder- One teaspoon

6 Tamarind pulp- half a cup

7 White cumin seeds- one tablespoon (roast and coat)

8 Breadcrumbs – half a cup

9 To make the batter

10 Besan- half a cup

11 Cumin – one teaspoon

12 Baking soda- a pinch

13 Red chili powder to taste

14 Salt to taste

15 Oil – for frying

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