Chicken Tikka Malai Boti Recipe By Chef Mahwish Amir

Chicken Tikka Malai Boti Recipe By Chef Mahwish Amir

Today we are going to make Chicken Malai Boti which everyone eats with great enthusiasm so let’s start our recipe today. Take the chicken in a pot and add salt, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, green chilies, white chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, almond cashew and pistachio powder, cream, and cooking oil and mix well and cook for an hour. Refrigerate for. Now barbecue it on charcoal or bake it in the oven for thirty minutes at 230 degrees Celsius. Your delicious Malai Boti is ready. Serve in a serving dish and enjoy.


1 Chicken boneless (cube cutting)___ half kg
2 Salt ___ to taste
3 Ginger garlic paste___ 1 tbsp
4 Lemon juice___ 1 tablespoon
5 Green chili___ 2 pcs
6 White pepper powder___ 1 teaspoon
7 Coriander powder___ 1 teaspoon
8 Cumin powder___ 1 teaspoon
9 Almond, cashew, and pistachio powders___ 2 tablespoons
10 Cream___ 3 tablespoons
11 Tablespoon ___ one and a half tablespoon

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