Shahi Tukre Easy And Delicious Recipe

Shahi Tukre Easy and Delicious Recipe

Today’s recipe is Shahi Tukre Easy And Delicious Recipe which is loved by everyone so let’s start our delicious dish of today. Add food coloring, saffron, and sugar to milk and cook it add 400 grams of Khoya Rabi and cook it until it thickens.


Cut the edges of the double bread (if you don’t want to cut it, let it stick to your liking) and cut the triangles of the slice to make two triangles of one slice. Deep fry the double bread slices in hot oil and remove when brown now add the evaporated milk to the tray place the slices of double bread on it, then pour condensed milk on and then serve by sprinkling khoya and almond pistachios on top and enjoy eating the delicious pieces of rubbery.


1 Twelve large slices of double bread

2 Two kilos of milk

3 One to one and a half cups of sugar

4 Yellow food coloring

5 A teaspoon of saffron

6 Almonds, and pistachios as required

7 Rubbery and Khoya as required

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