Today we will share with you a cake recipe for how we can make the cake at home without an oven so let’s start by reading Bismillah. You must have eaten a lot of bakery cakes, now try to make a cake at home without an oven, do you know that your family will forget to eat cakes made by your hands and eat cakes from the market! So whether it’s breakfast or evening tea, make your favorite cake and win the hearts of the family!


1 Take an open-mouthed bowl, add two tablespoons of either ghee or butter, and add one and a half cups of powdered sugar and beat it well.

2 If you are beating by hand, beat for at least eight minutes.

3 Then add two eggs, a spoonful of vanilla essence, and three cups of sifted flour and beat for another twenty minutes, until the mixture becomes smooth.

4 Take an open-mouthed silver steel bowl, grease it all around, and pour the flour mixture into it, and spread it well, if you like, top it with three to four raisins, green red Ashrafis, or children’s favorite chocolate. A few pieces can also be added.

5 Place a large pot on the stove, place a small lid inside it, and place a bowl of flour on top of the lid, cover the pot with the large lid, and let it cook for twenty-five to thirty minutes.

6 After the allotted time, when you open it, you will see for yourself how soft the cake will be.

Special Tips

1 Cook the cake on medium heat, and do not remove the lid in the middle to check, but after twenty minutes, and cut the side with a knife to see if it is done.

2 If desired, use cocoa powder along with the flour if you want to create a chocolate flavor. Take the ready-made tasty no-oven cake! Serve in a serving dish and enjoy.

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