Date pure recipe

Pure Dates Recipe

Our recipe for today is Pure Dates Recipe so let’s start. Take out the seeds of the dates wash them clean and put them in a blender and blend them. Put the khoya in a deep frying pan and cook it on a low flame, stirring the spoon constantly so that it does not burn, and add ground cardamom seeds to it. When the khoya melts completely, add a cup of sugar and again continue to cook while stirring with a spoon. While cooking, when the sugar melts and the color of the mixture starts to change, take out half of the mixture separately.


And add lemon color (mixed with two tablespoons of water) to the rest. Brush the spinach in a pan or glass dish cover it with a layer of the lemon-colored mixture and set aside to cool. Put the date paste in a pan, add a quarter cup of water, and cook it for four to five minutes while crushing it with a wooden spoon. Remove from the stove and let it cool. Boil the pistachios in boiling water for three to four minutes, then cool and peel them and put them in a frying pan on low heat. When they are lightly fried, add half a cup of sugar to them and keep them on low heat to melt. When the sugar melts, add one to two tablespoons of water and when it becomes syrupy (when the sugar starts to shine), remove it from the stove. Spread the date paste on the colored layer of khoya in the dish, then spread the other khoya mixture, and finally spread the syrupy pistachios, then cool it completely, and serve it in the dish. And eat well.


1 Dates are pure. 250 grams

2 lost … A kilo

3 Chinese. One and a half cups

4 Pistachios. a bowl.

5 Little cardamom Three to four numbers

6 Lemon food color. Half a teaspoon

7 Banaspati. Tablespoons

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