Indian Style Chutney Stuffed Shami Kabab

Indian Style Chutney Stuffed Shami Kabab

Now we are going to make chutney-filled Shami kebabs, so let’s start by reciting Bismillah. An hour before preparing the kebabs, soak gram dal and wash the keema and put it in a pot and add enough water to submerge the dal and keema. Add salt, little pepper, and garlic to it. When the dal is cooked, drain the water and grind it. Clean and wash the pomegranate seeds.


Cut an onion and make a chutney by adding coriander, cumin seeds, green and red chilies, salt, and mango to both the ingredients. Add all the spices to the minced meat. Grind all this and make Shami Kebab tikkis. A small takiya should be made in each kebab. Then turn the edges of the takiya inside and beat the eggs and dip the kebabs in the eggs and put them in the frying pan. When it turns red, take it out and the delicious chutney-stuffed Syrian kebabs are ready.


1 Half a kilo of minced meat
2 Half a cup of gram dal
3 One and a half potatoes
4 Halve the black pepper
5 Clove Adh Chatanak
6 Half a pomegranate seed
7 A bunch of coriander
8 A bunch of green peas
9 One raw mango
10 Green chilies to taste
11 Red chili to taste
12 Half an onion
13 8 cloves of garlic
14 Three eggs
15 Grate half the ginger
16 Ghee as required

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