Mutton Leg Raan Roast And EASY Recipe

Mutton Leg Raan Roast And EASY Recipe

Today we are going to make mutton leg roast so let’s start today’s recipe. After cleaning the thigh, break its bone and make deep cuts so that the spice is well absorbed in the meat. Mix all the ingredients well in a large bowl and wash the thigh apply the spice mixture and mash it well with a fork so that the spice penetrates well, then leave the thigh for two hours.


Now put the spiced thighs in a pot and cover it on low heat, when the water dries up, add oil. If the meat is raw, add a cup of hot water and keep it on low heat. After half an hour the delicious roast is ready, serve with warm roti or naan, and enjoy the mutton leg roast.

Ingredients Required:

1 Thigh of Goat One to one and a half kilos

2 Vinegar. Half a cup

3 Ginger garlic crushed. 2 tbsp

4 Soy sauce 2 tbsp

5 Yogurt One and a half cups

6 salt According to taste

7 lemon. 3 numbers

8 The oil 4 tbsp

9 Black pepper powder. 4/1 tsp

10 Roasted white cumin. 4/1 tsp

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