Easy Beef Dum Biryani Recipe

Easy Beef Dum Biryani Recipe

Today’s recipe is Beef Dum Biryani, let’s start. Grind salt, onion, and ginger put it on the piece of meat, and keep it for two hours. Mix cumin, black pepper, mint, green chilies, and cardamom in half amount and apply on the meat pieces. Heat half the amount of ghee over the cloves in a pan and add the meatballs. Then fry the meat well. Wash the rice, apply the remaining yogurt, and spread it over the meat.


Close the mouth of the pot with flour and light the flame of the wood below. When the sound of ghee starts coming, understand that the curd is dry. Reduce the flame to low and put it on the coals. Open the lid of the pot and heat the rest of the ghee close it again and put the coals on it. Biryani is ready when steam starts coming out. Serve with raita and salad and enjoy the Beef Dum Biryani.


1 Two kilos of beef
2 A kilo of rice
3 Two kilos of curd
4 A kilo of onions
5 Cloves are hot
6 Big cardamom base hot
7 Under twenty warm
8 50 grams of ginger
9 Mint: half a bunch
10 How many chickens?
11 Go ahead
12 Salt to taste
13 Black pepper as needed

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