World’s Best Baked Chocolate Cake Recipe

Today we tell you about the recipe for chocolate cake which you can prepare at home too then start. Fill the bottom of the pot with gravel place it on the stove and heat it to bake the cake well. Let it happen. Try covering the pot with a glass lid. Beat the eggs with the help of a batter. Then add sugar and mix well until the mixture becomes frothy. Then gradually add flour and mix with the help of a batter. Add cocoa powder and mix. In six to seven minutes all the ingredients will be mixed well pour the mixture into the cake mold add the gravel and place it on top of the gravel in the heated pan. Turn up the heat. Cover the pan and let the cake sponge rise. When the sponge starts to puff up, cover the pan with aluminum foil and place a lid on top. The water falling due to the steam will not fall on the sponge due to the foil paper.


Now reduce the heat to medium. After five minutes, remove the foil paper and check the sponge. For the icing: Blend the butter and soften it a little. Then add icing sugar and mix with the help of batter. Then add cocoa powder and mix. If you want to darken the icing, increase the amount of cocoa powder.To keep the cake sponge soft, mix milk and water and sprinkle it on the cake sponge. When the sponge is fully puffed and ready, take it out of the pot. Carefully take out the sponge and let it cool. Then cut the sponge cake in half. Now cover one part completely with icing and place the other part on top. Now, with the help of a long knife, spread the icing cleanly and well around the sides of the cake. If the icing needs to be a little softer, add a little more milk. Cover the cake completely with icing and place the cherries on top. Then break up the cooking chocolate and sprinkle over the cake. Decorate with your choice, serve with tea, and enjoy the Nova Von Bake Chocolate Cake.


1 Pot with lid___ 1 no
2 Gravel grains___ to fill the bottom of the pot
3 Eggs___ 6 nos
4 Sugar___ 7 tablespoons
5 Flour___ 8 Tablespoons
6 Cocoa powder___ 2 teaspoons
7 Condensed milk___ 1 tablespoon
8 Water___ 1 cup
9 Butter___ 1/2 Kg
10 Icing sugar___ 6 tablespoons
11 Cocoa powder___ 1 tablespoon
12 Cooking chocolate___ 1/2 kg
13 Cherries___ as needed

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